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The Single Most Important Factor That
Will Determine Your Company’s Long-term Success
 Lies in Your Ability To Achieve and Sustain
Organizational and Operational Excellence.

Let Jack Pryor Teach Your People
How to Achieve Business Excellence
And Rocket Your Revenue To New Heights!

Since 1992, Jack Pryor has been helping companies, both public and private, large and small, to improve their business processes, to simplify their workflow, to lower operational expenses, and to identify future leaders to help drive their companies to new levels of productivity and profitability.

Through his high-caliber training and expert consulting services, Jack Pryor moves organizations from “business as usual” to Business Excellence. Current class offerings include the following:

  • Developing Lead Workers
  • Leadership Dynamics for Creating Value
  • Managing Work Processes and Systems
  • Managing the Real-time Workplace
  • The Value-Added Organization

Classes are usually scheduled for half-day sessions over a 5 to 9 day period, depending upon the coursework and the number of participants. All classes may be customized around your specific industry as well as your company’s business needs and management goals.

While Jack’s education and experience are well regarded across industries, he has particular expertise in the manufacturing of cabinetry. As a former master craftsman of both cabinetry and furniture Jack has made an impact on many such manufacturers by combining his real-world experience and hands-on skills with his Lean Manufacturing certification.

In addition to being a highly certified instructor, Jack Pryor is also a well-respected and popular speaker. He regularly appears at venues in the Central region of the country, and is also available for corporate and association speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

Jack Pryor has made a long-lasting impact on all of his clients because he does not just teach employees how to be better than they are – he provides real learning experience that enlightens and delights and gets people thinking more about what they do and how they can do it better.

How Can Jack Pryor Help You?

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Aearo Technologies
Aearo is the global leader in occupational prescription eyewear and has provided business and industry with comprehensive eye protection programs and products for over 90 years.

"This program has been very helpful and very interesting. I especially liked the part on learning my thinking style compared to those of my co-workers’. I feel this has made me more of a complete group leader. I also believe that Mr. Pryor’s teaching methods are very interesting and very well thought out to keep us all involved in the activities he has planned for us."
Daniel Mabry

"I have enjoyed each session we have had. I feel like every session has been a great learning tool for me. The discussions that we have and listening to Jack really makes me think and see other people’s point of view. I can see a greatly improved relationship with the employees I am responsible for. Also I have had more self-confidence in my job and myself through the training."
Janet Cantrell

"Opened my eyes to a lot of areas of humanity. Looking at others in mental ways, this has even helped with discussions at home. My mental awareness is higher. Great class."
David Howard

"I have enjoyed this class. This class is interesting and informative. Giving us assignments to do makes us realize that changing our styles is an ongoing process. This class is a case of do as I do, not only as I say."
Annie Dutton

"Great benefit in regards to the human nature of employees. Handling of conflict. I have realized more about myself, and my own personality. How to change in positive steps. Working together in a team effort along with the process of work for employees and motivation."
Beverly Rutledge
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